reimagine me

Christel - Namibia I am extremely judgemental and critical of myself and Elle was (VERY) patient helping me through tough times. I reached a point where I wanted to change but didn’t have the courage and heart to attempt it. Elle provides you with all you need to embark on your journey of change - by focusing and building the new; leaving the past sorted, settled and in the past. Living in the NOW is one of the toughest things to do, but practicing helps and does wonders. Thank you Elle for who you are! Thank you for not giving up on me when I felt like I wanted to give up. Thank you for patiently waiting for me to reach that point where I was ready to grab onto everything you have helped me to see and all the tools you have provided me with in order to start my journey of change.. the thoughts, the habits… to just be me!

Christel - Namibia

Nic - Australia "From my first session working with Elle, I felt an immediate shift in my perspective and a massive weight lifted, a weight I had carried with me from childhood. The first issue Elle helped me clear, had caused me problems over many years and it was truly remarkable how Elle rapidly identified key thoughts and patterns of behaviour that were keeping me stuck despite years of previous counselling, therapy, meditation and other healing sessions. Elle was highly attuned to the words I spoke, and was about to intuitively cut to the chase and pin point the root cause of my issues and help clear them with her honest, loving guidance. As a result of Elle's ability to tune in to the exact problem, within a very short conversation, Elle helped me move away from toxic behaviours and into my own power and I have gone from strength to strength ever since. Like an Owl's ability to see in the dark, Elle has the unique ability to sort through the fluff within a conversation and gain immediate results through her focussed approach. The speed at which Elle was able to identify and then clear my negative behaviour and thoughts was amazing. Thank you Elle for helping to set me free. You are an incredible lady with a wonderful and unique gift."

Nic - Australia

Kate - USA Elle is extraordinary. I live in Los Angeles and am in the entertainment business which can be very stressful and unfulfilling one day and epic and utopian the next. I heard about Elle's program on the Dennis Prager show - the funny thing being I hardly ever listen to AM radio. When I heard about ReimagineMe, something in me resonated and I was curious. Not long thereafter I was having my first session with Miss Elle. She took me to places I had not been able to take myself, seeing things I had been unable to see that were blocking not only my peace and my joy but my ability to believe in myself and in life. She helped to bring hope back to me - faith back to me. For this, I am ever grateful and would recommend her services to anyone, anywhere. She is kind, loving and compassionate, but she comes with a strength, a wisdom and an ability to listen that is necessary for supporting real transformation. And most of all - she shares my love for God which for me, made the experience extraordinary. Thank you Elle.

Kate - USA

Chiara - Australia My session with Elle was incredible. I have experienced many types of healing modalities on my self-development journey and so went in with an open mind and heart. Elle was powerful, loving and intuitive in her guidance throughout the session. Elle also provided me with powerful and proactive strategies to put in place to support what I had discovered. Book a session, you won’t regret it.

Chiara - Australia

Meg - USA My session was wonderful. I felt safe to open up, and could feel your compassion and love in our Skype session. I was able to let go of anxiety that was really affecting my job & life. Thank you Elle. You were amazing!

Meg - USA

Vicky - South Africa I've been seeing a biokineticists as I'm suffering with shoulder problems. I saw him the day after our session and this was his response: ‘huh, what’s going on here?’ My left shoulder, which in the past could not lift as high as my right shoulder, outperformed my right shoulder. It was stronger and I could do my exercises better. Loved my Mind Detox session!

Vicky - South Africa

Olivia - Australia Thank you for the beautiful sessions last night helping me heal from breaking up with my boyfriend. The weirdest thing happened! A song that reminded me of him just came on and usually I would feel sad and want to turn it off... this time I just smiled. Amazing stuff! X

Olivia - Australia