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ReimagineMe Prayer

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reimagine me: ReimagineMe Prayer

I wrote this prayer after a long, tiresome journey of trying to do life in my own strenght, when I recommitted my life to God and accepted Jesus as my Saviour. This may not be your journey and I respect and honour that. 

Father God today I surrender. I give up. I give over. I relinquish. I resign.

Jesus, please take over the controls to my life - use me for the purposes You designed me for. Use me where I'm needed and in the ways You intended.

I surrender to you my thoughts - and fill my mind with Your Word, Your Truth and Your Principles. 

I surrender to you my eyes - so to see clearly the hearts of others, the beauty of the world and celebrate your creation. 

I surrender to you my mouth, tongue and voice - Lord so I can speak Life and sing Your praises.

I surrender to you my body - use my health and vitality to serve You and let my body be an example of Your temple and inspire others to follow You.

I surrender to You my feet - so to follow You and walk in faith along the path You designed for me.

I surrender to you my heart - the center I feel and create from, where my ideas are born so that You will fill it with love and inspiration and help me birth the right ideas to worship You and proclaim Your glory to the world. 

I surrender my femininity -  help me be a woman of God, proud of who You made me to be and accept every part of me that i'm not happy with. Help me to unconditionally love and respect the partner You destined for me.

I surrender to You my emotions God. Help me forgive myself for all the times when I treated myself badly, without love and understanding, sensitivity and gentleness. Thank you for redeeming my past with your blood Jesus - you gave me your Life!

I surrender to You my touch - help me be gentle with myself and others and tread lightly on this earth. Make me caring and compassionate.

I surrender to You my smell - let my attitude be a beautiful fragrance for others to enjoy.

I surrender to You my soul - renew my mind, will and emotions in Jesus name.

Most of all God I give You my L O V E - all of me

Glory to you always. Amen.  


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19 August 2015 22:57
This is a lovely prayer. I am going to make it part of my morning meditation. Thank you for sharing it with your readers!


08 September 2015 20:53
Thanks Val it's such a lovely encouragement that my prayer made a difference to you X

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