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Reimagine Healthy Habits

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reimagine me: Reimagine Healthy Habits

Is it worth it to have everything you’ve ever dreamed of, yet not have the physical health to be able to enjoy it?

It's important to take responsibility for our physical health so we look good, feel good, and are in control of our lives. Our bodies are our vehicles, so you decide which brand you want to drive...

The secret to maintaining your ideal weight

It’s our natural instinct to avoid pain.

So, when we go on a diet we associate giving up the foods we like to eat with pain. This is why using pure willpower will never deliver results. I worked with a girl who did exactly that: she was permanently on a diet, always complaining about what she can't have and looked for shortcuts and ways to treat herself constantly, as she was in so much pain. Why create so much suffering for ourselves and others?

The secret to making a long-term change is to flip our beliefs around and link pain to eating those foods that we want to give up! Yes. Stop and think about it. By associating the foods we don’t want to eat with pain means we will no longer even desire them.

Fit and healthy people believe that nothing tastes as good as what a healthy body feels and they love foods that nourish them


EAT 70% of our body shape is a result of eating so limit or eliminate sugar, bad fat, dairy, alcohol, caffeine, and soda. Nine years ago I met the love of my life and adopted these eating habits: no wheat, dairy, sugar, or alcohol for 6 days (we do it Monday to Saturday), with one day off (for us it's Sunday) to enjoy, guilt-free, whatever and as much of as we like: be it ice cream for breakfast, pizza, almond croissants, or a big bag of our favourite Chocolate Almond M&Ms. This is my way of throwing myself a party once a week and having control at the same time.

EXERCISE Our bodies consist mainly of water and we all know how stale water gets when it doesn't move... That thought is enough to motivate me to move at least 30 minutes every day, along with my Suunto. It really helped me bust a very incorrect belief that training has to be intense hard work to produce results. By measuring my heart rate, peak training effect, route and distance, calories burnt (it can be used for all kinds of sport), I was surprised to see that my effort up to now has been good enough. I believe consistency is the answer and because 30% of our body shape is a result of exercise, it shouldn't be all that hard. 

SLEEP 7 to 8 hours works for me and I go to sleep the same time every night. My body loves routine. Figure out what suits your lifestyle and commitments and stick to it to see results (at least for a week).

SUNLIGHT Fifteen to 20 minutes of sun on your skin every day is good (I get my fix when I exercise) - this is how our bodies produce Vitamin D.

PURPOSE Without a purpose we're existing, not living. If you're not sure what yours is then start with the thing in the world that really annoys you.

"The purpose of life is to matter - to count, to stand for something, to have it make some difference that we lived at all." - Leo Rosten. 

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