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Meeting Mom

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reimagine me: Meeting Mom

I've known I'm adopted since I can remember and this knowing made me feel a little different and somewhat special.

It also made me look at other girls with real moms and dads with envy, as I deeply longed to know how it must feel to be with my own tribe. Would it satisfy my search to belong and fit in? Would there be a familiarity in our touch? Would it bring me peace?

At 46, I was blessed to meet the woman who delivered me into this world. Meeting her had a profound impact on my life: subtle, yet completely life changing. 

As we hugged, my body for the first time ever deeply and completely relaxed. I experienced an inner peace that filled every cell of my being - a peace that warmed my body and broke opened my heart. However, it was only after we said our forever goodbyes that I realised I knew my real mother all along. Not as in the women who conceived and birthed me, but as in the selfless, amazingly beautiful woman who adopted, accepted and loved me like I am her own.

It takes someone really brave to be a mother

It is uncanny how similar my two mothers' names are: Rita and Rina.

Rita turned 23 when we met - 6 months after Rina birthed me. At age 23 Rita already experienced the pain of two miscarriages, so my arrival healed a very big hurt inside her. Mamma Rita was fearless, a lioness. It did not matter to her how I was made, where I came from or what my background was, all that mattered was that I am hers to L O V E and call her own. 

It takes someone strong to raise a child 

Four years after I arrived, she adopted another little girl. I was so happy to have a sister, until I saw her blue eyes. Shortly after the arrival of my little sis, life also upped its game and challenge Rita to really get her brave on: her cousin passed away leaving two children destitute to go to an orphanage. So, overnight Rita's two braves became four and life as I knew it, was turned upside down in every imaginable way. 

It takes someone really special to love someone more than herself 

That's my Mom Rita. Only later in life can I begin to comprehend, understand, appreciate and admire my mother’s strength and unconditional love to raise four unbiological children as her own. I now realise that my real mother is not the women who birthed me, but as in the selfless, amazingly beautiful woman who adopted, accepted and loved me as her own.  

Mom Rita, I salute, love and honour you with all my heart!

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22 January 2017 23:59
Hats off to wheevor wrote this up and posted it.

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