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I'm H A P P Y now

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reimagine me: I'm H A P P Y now

I never know happiness is a choice. I always thought happiness to be a destination.

Until I learnt how our minds, thoughts and emotions are linked to our autonomic nervous system and that the thoughts we think and the emotions we feel constantly send messages to our physical body, which respond. Think what happens when we blush.

Angry thoughts or refusal to forgive, worry, anxiety, fear, resentment, bitterness, and judgment can therefore cause tremendous stress in our bodies and ultimately negatively impact our health.

But the great new though is that we can choose what we think and have power over our thoughts and with practice and awareness, we can show our thoughts who's the boss.

But for some of us, happiness isn't easy so we need to be consistent and practice happiness until happiness happens naturally. 

Decisions create awareness

I've learnt that lasting change begins with a decision. When we really, really want something what happens?

The first thing we do is decide we want it and then we feel what it feels like to have it. And that's exactly how we create with our decisions and feelings. So practicing happiness is exactly the same and we need to practice until it happens automatically. 

But the reason it may feel like hard work to be happy, is because negativity stands in the way. Negative emotions are messengers - pain is there for a reason and how I deal with pain is to find the source and then work from there on ways to eliminate or fix it. It starts with a decision and commitment that you're willing to do what it takes to get to the bottom of what stands in the way of happiness. Committing, owning that decision, and giving yourself permission to own it is half the job done.

So presuming the true desire and commitment is there, here's how I trained myself to live happy:

Smile, move and think exactly the opposite 

Every time I become aware of a negative thought, I follow these quick conscious steps:

  1. SMILE Smiling releases hormones that will boost your feel good factor, even if you fake it
  2. MOVE Getting up, sitting down, looking up to the sky, yawning, stretching or whatever works for you.. changing your physiology helps to break a thought pattern.
  3. OPPOSITE THOUGHT Finally, take your negative thought and think the exact opposite. Say it out loud if you need to until you feel it and own it.

Doing this over and over not only shaped my thinking, it also helped me gain control over my emotions and actions and made me confident that I have the power to reimagine. 

Let me know how you go or click here and let's chat about strategies to get you to a happy place...



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Wow! Talk about a posting kninokcg my socks off!

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