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reimagine me: HAPPINESS IS...

I never knew happiness is a choice. 

It's only when I learnt that our thoughts and emotions constantly impact our physical responses (think blushing or getting a fright) that the dots connected for me. This happens because our minds and emotions are linked to our autonomic nervous system, the part that controls our breathing, heartbeat and digestive processes. 

So if this is true, then can you imagine just how much negative thoughts and emotions such as anger, worry, anxiety, fear, resentment, bitterness, judgment, guilt or unforgiveness can cause in our bodies! The late Louise Hay did amazing work to illustrate how our thoughts and emotions impact our health which was prompted by her personal health issues at the time.

The good news is that with awareness and choice we can claim power over our negative emotions and thoughts and choose how we think and respond. Agreed, achieving a state of peace and happiness do take work but it all starts with a decision.  

Decisions create awareness

Lasting change begins with a decision. Think back to when you were a child - when you really, really wanted something... what happened? You decided you want it and then you imagined what it feels like to have it. As children we get excited about what we want and then never stop believing it's possible. That's how we create with our decisions and feelings. And is exactly the same process we need to follow to find happiness - we need to want it and feel it and believe it.

Negative programming do trip us up and that's the part I can help you with. The reason it may feel like hard work to be happy, is because negativity is a very strong force. It's like getting caught in a current and the more you fight, the more you loose. Instead you need to do the opposite - relax and gently swim across the current. Another way is to see our negative emotions as messengers, to be objective and realise we're not the emotion, we're just experiencing the emotion. This opens the door for our healing to begin and happiness to flow. 

So once the true desire and commitment is there, here's how I coach myself to live happy:

Smile, move and think exactly the opposite 

Every time I become aware of a negative thought, I do these quick conscious steps:

  1. I SMILE  Smiling releases hormones that boost your feel good factor, regardless if you fake it
  2. I MOVE  Changng your physiology helps to break a thought pattern - so get up, sit down, yawn, stretch, put on music, whatever works for you. 
  3. I REFRAME  Become creative and come up with the exact opposite of the negative thought you had. Or another way is to reframe your thought from negative to positive, i.e. I am fat (negative) to I'm on a journey to get thinner (positive) - your subsconsicous is a servant that cannot distinguish between a positive and negative statements. It's job is to give you exactly what you think and feel

These simple steps not only shaped my thinking, they also helped me gain control over my emotions and actions and made me confident that the power to reimagine is within me.

Let me know how you go or if you wish to talk more, click here and let's make a time to find your happy place...



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Wow! Talk about a posting kninokcg my socks off!

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