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My journey as an adopted child filled with emotional pain, identity issues and feelings of not belonging set me on a path of self discovery when I was a teenager. I spent over 30 years searching for answers and breakthroughs, testing every healing method I could find, but none offered me the breakthrough and lasting results I was after. 

I then discovered a method that allowed me to do the work. Instead of having to rely on someone else's interpretation of what they thought was 'wrong' and then working their magic to 'fix' the problem in me, I found a way to do it myself - all I needed was the right key. This was a true game changer, especially after all the money, time and emotional energy I invested.

My life changed rapidly, I created a solid foundation on which to build my future and this breakthrough also unlocked my true purpose - to teach people like you how to access your answers so you can be great at being you.

If you'd like to find out how I can help you, complete the 'Send me a message' section on this page for a complimentary first session (there is no cost while I learn about you). 

I live on the beautiful Sunshine Coast of Australia (GMT +10:00) and sessions are available online or face to face. 

Here's to being great at being you!




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