reimagine me


Being rejected by your birth mother is a very traumatic experience. All your once-familiar sounds and sensations are suddenly gone and you truly believe you're in life threatening danger. The lifeline you so desperately need and the only person who can make you feel safe again, is gone. 

Here's the thing. At birth, only our sympathetic nervous system (also known as our fight or flight response) is fully developed. So, when at this vulnerable age we experience what we perceive to be a life or death situation, our 'fight or flight' switch activates and from that moment on life becomes a game of survival - some of us choose to fight, some of us to flight.

I'm a fighter. I passionately fight for the truth. It fuelled and motivated my search for answers since I remember. My life experience became me guide and teacher - I learnt tenacity means success and what I want is on the other side of fear, that kisses aren't contracts, presents aren't promises and to let go, love and laugh are signs of strength.

      ➵ life is about creating yourself ➵

Most importantly, I learnt how to apply my experience and wisdom to serve and empower others. As a certified Tony Robbins Strategic Coach and Mind Detox practitioner, I will help you find your truth, experience lasting emotional healing, find and connect you with your biological roots (if that's your wish) and live the confident, blessed, abundantly joyful life that is your birth right.

  • explore and uncover who you truly are
  • make sense of your story 
  • heal emotions and overcome issues of self worth or identity
  • activate your full potential
  • create a solid foundation for your future 
  • create lasting results so you can be who you're born to be 

Having walked the walk, I view this as my absolute privilege to guide you to reimagine, live true to yourself and lead an extraordinary life.