reimagine me


Activate your true potential, create a solid foundation for your life and be great at being You




Life coaching is valuable when you're committed to upgrade your life and value yourself to be worth the investment. As a highly personalised one-on-one service, ReimagineMe coaching delivers invaluable self knowledge and a powerful transformational journey that bridges the gap between where you are now and where you'd like to be. Live the life you imgaine for yourself. 


REIMAGINEME UNCOVER     Your first session in on me - I don't charge to learn about you | 45 mins | Complimentary  

REIMAGINEME DETOX     As you can detox your body, so you can detox your mind, thoughts and emotions | 1.5 hours  | $150

REIMAGINEME FOCUS     Perfect for a specific area of life you'd like to focus on | 3 x 1 hour session package | $375

REIMAGINEME CREATE     Design your best life with the greatest vision you have for yourself | 5 x 1 hour session package | $500


I live on the beautiful Sunshine Coast of Australia (GMT +10:00) and sessions are available online or face to face. 


Here's to being great at being you!